About Us

EmolsamEmolsam,  is a creativity brand that has a niche’ in creating, concept developing and directing of high fashion avant-garde images  to bring to life the art in digital photography using local materials/resources.

The name Emolsam is derived from the names of the two creative think-head and founders that is  HAASACHA  EMOLSA and ISINGOMA SAMUEL. Their second names ‘Emolsa’ and ‘Sam’ merged, hence Emolsam.

We dream while we are awake and tell tales through the images we create. Our pictures speak louder tongues and portray bold fashion statements. Photography is a language through which we communicate from the third world base as the art folks that we are.

We have a knack for selecting distinctive faces for our covers. Symmetrical face is key, proportionality and personality. Every cover has a target audience and deserves a different persona and character role thus serving different purposes.

The  DNA was added owing to the uniqueness that’s attached to our work execution.  As a brand, Emolsam DNA, we as well identify as an all round active entity in different fashion fields like runway/ catwalk coaching, Fashion illustration, model training, model scouting, casting agents et al.