FACELIST: Anyon Asola’s ”Old-Vogue-look” in new Emolsam DNA editorial could be the future.

Anyon Asola is a 20 years old south Sudanese. She’s a natural fierce and  a dark -shiny-complexioned beauty that’s quite on the low but is definitely an effortless high fashion model and undeniably one face to look out for. With her exquisite features_I mean, long face,jaws and limbs,she stands at 6ft tall and is signed to Crystal Models Africa,CMA,based in Uganda. Here’s what she looked like when touched by the Emolsam DNA magic hands. She headlines our “FACELIST” campaign of looking out for every new face on and off  the model scene.Watch out,you could be next.








Created,directed and produced by Emolsam DNA.

Photography by Manzi Rolland.

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