Emolsam DNA unveils men’s sexy underwear.

In my travels, where I get to meet lots of different people, I embarked on a survey to find out what men really found sexy on none other than themselves—sounds stretched? Trust me, being a male asking another male about his personal sexuality is bound to raise eyebrows. Although, out of the many who freely gave feedback about the raised topic, one netted my interest. He simply told me, “Sexy underwear.”He felt sexy whenever he put on sexy underwear. When asked why, he told me that whenever he slipped on a pair of sexy briefs or thong—no comment—they channel his spirit animal, which by the way, only comes out when he’s threatened or sexually aroused; hence making him feel more potent. I was impressed!





Now there’s a debate on whether men too should consider sexiness when choosing a pair of underwear or swimwear. Most did not see it a factor, consoling themselves that underwear is a hidden piece of fashion; when at the pool, one could have gone swimming, not to parade what is meant for the bedroom. Though, I must argue. Feeling sexy comes from baring self-confidence. Sexiness is a state of mind. One looks sexy as long as they feel sexy. If that’s the case, then why not whisk away that body-hugging pair of underwear from that lingerie store your mother always warned you about?





Emol’sam DNA as a spontaneous brand, we decided it was about time that we ventured into designing underwear and swimwear that enhanced male sexiness. This for sure is a part of fashion-and-design that most local fashion designers have either skipped or chosen not to focus on—it’s simply by choice—hence why you’ll find a lot of dresses, shirts and pants on racks, but chances of coming across a piece of underwear/swimwear by a Ugandan are tending to zero.







The EMOLSAM DNA UNDERWEAR line comes with an assortment of pieces that do male sexuality justice; from bulge-enhancing to butt hugging briefs, jockstraps and thongs in both light-weight cotton and elastic faux leather fabrics. There’re obviously going to be concerns raised about how safe our underwear and swimwear is to the male anatomy. The good news though is, such worries were addressed during the creation phase. We personally did extensive research about health issues arising from bad underwear, carefully hand-picked the fabrics to suit the specific reasons for putting on the pieces and closely supervised the production process to make sure it suited the minimum required standards. Some of the issues we addressed are;


1. Comfort

Our pieces are made from light weight material which stretches to ensure that the underwear/swimwear is of good fit. In order to feel sexy in your underwear, it must be of good fit. It must hug your body in all appropriate places which in return enhances those parts that make a man stand out from the rest.
The design too, is very appropriate. The seams are well sewed and the fabrics are plain and simple, which makes them less distractive, leaving all attention to the wearer’s boys, who are the star of the show.
Our pieces also offer ample support. Lots of observers do say that a man’s gluteus is the second sexiest part of his body. Our white cottons do show them off, without really exposing them .


2. Durability

Cotton dates back ages, as a durable organic fabric; hence why it is our primary fabric. Then also, leather also has its place in the durability ranking. It is known to survive most elements that a wearer could encounter. Therefore, don’t be afraid; they are never going to fade after any dip in that chlorine pool you and your friends enjoy during those sunny days. Also the stitch in our pieces ensure that they will not rip during hand washing; and also can withstand heavy machine washing.





3. Purpose

Our underwear suit the purpose they are made for; sexiness! Let’s face it, bulge-enhancement and butt-hugging; briefs thongs and jockstraps, you’ve got all your masculine worries covered.




4. Price

The prices our pieces are valued at are fairly tailored to suit your personal budget. Because most of them are custom-made, every client is valued depending on their requirements and our input to realise them. That is fair, isn’t it?



Therefore, if you are a man out there and you’d want to look as sexy as you feel, in underwear, we’ve got you covered. Sexy underwear isn’t just the see-through-lace-seamless-female-panties women wear on their date-nights. There exists male sexy underwear as well.With that being said, feel free to share your thoughts about the EMOLSAM DNA UNDEWEAR in the comments section below, and we shall give feedback to any questions.

Model Fernando kamugisha under Joram Model Management

All images by Giulio Molfese/ photo4fashion.

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