Forget modeling and designing,here are the easiest ways to kick start your way into the fashion industry.

The fashion environment is not all the glitz and glamour as we once might have been fooled. First, you need to understand the frantic grounds on which you will operate. It is a rough and tough high way that you must ride on with sky-high passion, for, only passion can keep you at harbor when the fashion storm waves come rocking your boat. Trust me when I say; fashion will belch out the faint-hearted and lock the fighters out prior to their big break-through. It is a calling of sorts: yes, in most cases, this industry will choose you other than you choosing it. We all have that one friend that eats, breaths and lives this thing called fashion. The industry attracts so many people out there but they are green on how to take their first step. Here is how to penetrate this bad-arse industry.
1. Volunteering

This is where we all have to apply that ‘’started from the bottom…’’ theory. It is okay to start from the bottom, it actually works. Often times, chances to step foot into the fashion door way will avail themselves to us but without a cent in the mix. A great many people with inflated egos turn a deaf ear and blind eye to these opportunities disguised as volunteer wastes. It is the easiest and most effective deal to penetrating this highly competitive industry. For the little I have learned, I know it for a fact that all the admired people admit to having been through this volunteer pipeline for at least once.
Most companies are unwilling to turn away labor that they are not bank rolling to; no one will push you out there, but yourself. If you yearn for this so bad, do research online, about what companies could be seeking labor and they usually have their contacts or emails on social media or websites. You will be required to personally reach out to fashion houses or any other fashion related firm, or email them and inquire if any assistance is needed at all. Your main focus shouldn’t be the pay cheque, but rather, the break-through, experience and establishing oneself in that particular field. You are urged to do your volunteer skit as though you were a permanent worker on a pay roll, work full time or even over time, if it is what it takes.
Do not put yourself up for volunteering when you do not have enough time, you should be willing to sacrifice something for something. Always remember, you lose some, you gain some, and otherwise you might come off as a person who does not love what you are doing. If you get lucky enough, your bosses will retain you and become a permanent employee. Volunteering is like learning and it never stops. I can do some volunteer recommendations but do not be too lazy to Google others.
KAMPALA FASHION WEEK is coming up and if you would like to volunteer. Email your name and briefly talk about yourself in two lines and where your interest lies, to;

2. Fashion Internship

This has been the most exercised but has not yielded much effect as interns tend to laissez-faire around while interning with the big wig brands and end up having a career hazard. These brands might be key players, yes, but definitely did not start at the roof. If you do not like the idea of being a tea girl or a delivery boy at the start of your internship with a big brand, you can opt for hands-on smaller players that have time on them where you can learn more, gain more experience and recognition that could pass you to your dream big fish of a brand. Pursuing a degree or a diploma or whatever in fashion cannot guarantee you a Job, but, experience will. We all leave university with the same skills, so really, it’s experience that sets us apart, which experience we attain mostly, through internships.
Fashion internship is very critical, while at it, don’t be afraid to ask, it’s the only way you can develop yourself and rest assured of guaranteed experience. Some companies will be taking in interns at a cost where the internee’ cashes in on them. Nevertheless, many people would want to retain interns. To this effect, treat yourself with a lot of willingness to work and exercise a higher notch of professionalism. In the end, you will be made recommendations for and could land a permanent position at your interning place.
Let me break it down for you, you could use the following few tips while interning or volunteering:
– Sending emails. The best way to get feedback from companies is to send them multiple emails because since their inboxes are always flooded, your mail might just pass straight to junk or spam folder. IF you get lucky, one out of the many emails you sent will be spotted. Always try harder, be brief, and get straight to the point. If possible, directly contact someone through a personal email within a certain company and refer to him/her by name or role.
– Be as helpful and as available as possible to doing whatever and whenever.
– Always be doing something, there is always something to do, never stay idle.
– Always think outside the box because you do not want to be told what to do next and ordered around each time by your supervisor or boss. It’s not a good sign to employers, but always ask in case you don’t know what to do, to avoid causing damages.
– Stay in contact with as many peers as possible after your volunteering or interning cause. You never know who will go where and what they will be up to. Build genuine connections and friendships and widen your network. Always try to re-contact people and always go back to give a hand if you got the time.
– Lastly, do not be bitchy at any one time unless it is what your work calls for, otherwise, be social, humble, tolerant, and understanding.

3. Blogging/Vlogging

Fashion blogging is becoming as big as fashion modeling; it has taken another toll and is being embraced in our local scene, although Vlogging has not yet become the thing. Let’s put our emphasis on blogging first, like modeling, it has tricks and limitations; it is just not something for everyone. The trick here is quite simple, establish your social standing online to keep up with fashion platforms, it is the most important thing here. Gunner a huge following and build a loyal but demanding audience (it pushes you to work out of you comfort zone). Accuracy is a must, stay neat, social, and a lover of everything fashion.
There are millions of thousands of bloggers out there so you need something that sets you apart. Your first niche’ should be local market. From wherever you base, do not blog about the obvious or brands you just hear of like Gucci, if you’ve never been to a Gucci show, instead, blog about local stuff that you have actually seen, touched and whose material you have felt. That is why we shall religiously follow your every step of the way taking you to be our eye. This section would require you to be fashion slave, that way; you could blog your way to the Top. This could get you working with big names in our fashion business and grow your network, remember, your network will determine your future net worth. Keep in mind, this method will require you to have a reasonable sum of money and a lot of time investing. It all comes slow but surely. Sometimes, bloggers translate into fashion journalists and the reverse is true, they identify key trends and colors for the coming season. .

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  1. To my surprise… This don’t only apply to fashion but also all other fields in any labour market in the world….

    In fact an counting on the steps one by one as soon as get free of this controlled system …thanx for this these great carreer life start hints, DNA.?

  2. To my surprise… This don’t only apply to fashion but also all other fields in any labour market in the world….

    In fact an counting on the steps one by one as soon as get free of this controlled system …thanx for this these great carreer life start hints, DNA.?

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