Gloria Wavamunno recreates Japanese kimono with a gender fluid touch to suit your style preferences.


During Gloria Wavamunno’s showcase at the lastly concluded Kampala Fashion week, I set my eyes on a cast of her models rhythmically strutting down the runway donning her collection. It was an all new experience that brought one thing to my notice, her collection was full of gender fluid fashion. I had a sit down with Gloria and she later confirmed,’’ the collection is MIOF SS17 | my interpretation of female| which is a unisex limited collection playing on gender fluidity.’’ As I went on to observe, my verdict was that one of her pieces, was on the re-creation edge of Japanese cultural inspired costume –the kimono.




The kimono is originally a Japanese garment, which was over the years associated with royals and quintessential Japanese women/men. Men and Women wore different designs of the kimono to different occasions , during different seasons. Gloria redefined the edge of fashion culture,when she experimented her designing  style with no boundaries on the kimono inspired look, by merging femininity with masculinity all in a single garment intended for both sexes. What makes this  particular piece non conventional is the fact that its gender flexible, allowing the consumer to invest in a piece/s that can be worn differently multiple times in reflection of one’s style and identity.





It’s fastened at the waist with attached slim-belt-like straps entangled to form a knot and free fall fabric strands, with knee-high double slits. It has heavy lessened fabric, comes in a shade of light blue, and creates quite a gender blur when worn by rational and active men. ‘’The silhouettes were formed from the viewpoint of the constrictions we put on ourselves (i.e. chokers, masks etc) both physically and mentally. With the base of wearing pieces that let you express your identity in freedom’’, asserted Gloria.




Its rich and gives you absolutely no room for doubting its longevity. For a moment, its comfy feeling will give you a geisha experience and for a guy, it will give you a metro sexual welcome to the yamamoto brotherhood. Find this amazing Gloria Wavamunno /GWAVAH piece at BOLD kampala outlet located at Acacia mall.

All images by Guilio Molfese and model Emolsa.

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