Barbie dolls come alive in Emolsam DNA underwear.

Growing up as a male child among other males and one female sibling, I subconsciously knew I was different. I mean, I felt it every time my brothers scrambled over action figures, and other male-oriented presents that had been left under the Christmas tree by Santa—whose identity I’d later unravel as my father’s. My sister and I bickered about whose Barbie had better hair or outfits. I recall, bitterly wailing when I could not find my dolls. Most especially Ebony, who had been my first and most treasured doll.





Ebony’s bandage dress and thick curly locks drew me into liking her. Her white teeth always dazzled under her brown lips. She looked beautiful and stylish. Her sense of style blew me further away, each dawning day. I recall making bikinis for her, out of stolen cushion rags that my mother would have laid out in the sun after washing their covers. Ebony looked dazzling and her glowing bandage piece complemented her dark complexion.






Ebony and Wendy, my sister’s doll, were always at loggerheads at the fashion shows that my sister and I, would put up. During the last show, our girls were strutting over the suspended plank with Ebony’s dark long legs gracefully pacing, one before the other in a catwalk as she twirled the ramp. I smiled and cheered as she beat Wendy to it. Mid-way the show, my over-worked Ebony lost her stability, she staggered and tripped. I immediately took to the plank as Wendy –retired to the edge of the plank, giving way to me.





Before i could reach for my dear Ebony, she had tripped over backwards and flipped off the plank. Everything seemed to move in a slow motion as I tried reaching for her mid-air, but my reflexes had been a bit too late and into the blazing furnace, she landed; raising up a puff of ash and fiery sparks. I screamed and dashed towards the water drum to fetch some water, that I would use to extinguish the flames, but by the time I did that, her face, hair and most of her body had melted away. Ebony was no more, she had been burned lifeless. What would have been the biggest night of victory in her life; turned out to be her last.
I cried!





In these shots, I celebrate Ebony, my childhood Barbie doll’s life, who nurtured my talents which I’d later turn into a career—Beauty, Fashion and Style.




Models: Sera Aliet ( JMM ), Arnolda Linda and Solomy Nanyonga
All Photography by Guilio Molfese (Photo4fashion)
Makeup; Derrick Ssekamatte (Beats By Deryk)
An Emolsam DNA execution.

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  1. I would love to have myself one of those barbie dolls or be one l love them and the story behind them couldn’t help getting emotional emolsam I love this guys keep up the spirit

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