The male feminist: Gloria Wavamunno designs for the next feminist man

Over time, in an afro-politan setting, unfair treatment of the weaker sex has called for campaigns of gender balance. The results hence, are of feminist activist movements advocating for women equality in all aspects of life. Females cannot avoid the thrill of indignation that their sex suffers being treated with contempt; and forbidden equal share of social, political and economical rights for all. This justifies why prominent fashion designer and founder of kampala fashion week,Gloria Wavamunno, under her fashion line, GW, has traversed the world with a neutral approach to gender and has come up with minimalistic designs to depict feminism in a fashion point of view. In her MIOF SS17 collection, which is a unisex limited collection playing on gender fluidity, Gloria portrays, with the floral mask, the mute current stand of men in the struggle against sexism and unfair treatment of women.

Male Feminist

The stereotype that Flowers are often attributed to women, further impacted Gloria’s use of floral patterns on the chocker and mask to express femininity whereas the light gender neutral colours– both on a male figureemolsa-hasacha– show the flow from the norm of what is feminine and masculine; they are of the same essence and need, when finding our identity via cloths.

Most men, without cases of misogynism and misconception, think and claim that being feminist is much more of an insult and a woman’s affiliation. Gloria asserts that a male feminist has a place in feminism and is a hero to the marginalized sex group. This GW long-sleeved-nude-see-through garment is here for the fashion forward male to break that stereotype on that sun-scotching day with a pair of ‘male leggings underneath.  It comes in both long and short forms to suit everyone’s preferences and comfort ability.  You can as well wear it to various fashion events to flaunt some high end fashion sense.



Despite the great cause of male feminism: Male feminists’ life wavers with a great opposition from the public face with arguments like, “men cannot be feminist, men can’t wear this or that” and that’s why, if you thinking this mindset ought to change, you should have grabbed yourself a GWAVAH piece from BOLD Kampala like yesterday.

Chocker, mask and uni-dress by Gloria Wavamunno

All photography by @ Giulio Molfese



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